Welcome to CJB Packaging's preferred customer page.  If you fall in the region above you are entitled to the best bulk bag pricing available ANYWHERE.  Our central Pennsylvania warehouse allows us to the luxury to confidently tell you we will match anyone's price if you are within our preferred customer region. 

CJB Packaging Preferred Customer Region

Why are you a preferred customer?  You are a preferred customer because your business is within 200 miles of our Central Pennsylvania warehouse.  This allows us to offer the absolute best in service and pricing.  Your close proximity means we can be at your location within four (4) hours on any given day should the need arise.  We pride ourselves in embracing traditional business values and believe there is no business like local business.  CJB Packaging hopes you feel the same way...  Although we embrace modern technology and everything it offers our industry, we also believe that business can still be done with a handshake. 

CJB Packaging realizes that pricing is the single largest influence as far as product purchases.  CJB Packaging is willing to offer our preferred customer a price match from any other competitors.  Our preferred customers will come to benefit from not only the best pricing available but also service and response time second to none.  It's hard to argue against the best pricing and the best service available! 

How do we do it?  Our 60,000 square foot facility is located in Lykens, PA.  Lykens has the single lowest operating costs in the Northeastern United States.  We also have the small business flexibility that is not seen throughout corporate America; you can call James Bowen (President) directly and all problems will be addressed and corrected immediately.  Staying close to home only makes sense...  Why support an out of the area vendor?  The price of fuel and freight alone sheds light on this question.

In our industry this world of mass competition means we are all buying from the same country, manufacturer and/or supplier.  Our pricing is within immaterial margins from that of our competitors.  This allows us to match anyone's price, and back it up with all of our Value Added Services. 

We have the largest inventory in North America.  With current lead times of around eight (8) weeks,  this inventory will be a life saver to your business some day.  We have the staff, material and equipment to accommodate all your needs IN HOUSE.  Our sewing operation can modify any bag to your exact specifications.

The bottom line is CJB Packaging can and will save you money and in addition to this savings you will have service unheard of in this arena.  As always please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to serving your bulk bag needs now and into the future.

James Bowen

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